Feasibility Services


You want to know if your project is economically viable, and we can assist with Income and Development Cost Pro Forma that will help determine the viability of your project. 

Market Overview

Understanding the current and potential hotel performance within your market can be foretelling of your hotel's performance and potential ease of market exit, if and when you decide to sell.

Site Evaluation

The hotel business is a "street corner business" and understanding how your specific site fits into the market is critical to understanding the prospect of project success.

Supply/Demand Analysis

We will evaluate primary demand generators. At the same time, we will gauge the current competitive hotel supply and potential development pipeline. 

Brand Recommendation

Hotel brands all have costs associated with development, fees, and expected revenue performance. We can help you select the best balance of income potential, relative to cost. Developing a Boutique/Independent hotel may be your best course.

Programming Recommendations

One of the first steps in hotel development is programming the number of guest rooms, suites, food and beverage outlets, as well as other amenities. Peck Hotel Consulting can work with you to determine the optimum programming package.