Buyer Advisory

We specialize in working with first time hotel buyers.

Buyer Advisory

Hotel Acquisition comes with risks, and understanding those risks early in the process is critical in developing your price/offer. Peck Hotel Consulting can help identify, quantify, and plan to eliminate or mitigate these risks inherent in a hotel deal. 

Let us help you navigate the acquisition process.  

Market Evaluation

It is essential to understand the durability of the primary demand generators, the quality of the competitive set, and any future supply risk. 

Due Diligence Assistance

Peck Hotel Consulting can assist in evaluating the seller's Due Diligence materials and current operating performance, including financials, property improvement plan materials, quality assurance reports, and incentives. 

Brand Recommendation

If changing brands is viable, we can help you think through the brand options to determine which is best for your location/property. We can also assist with reviewing the business terms of your Franchise Agreement. 

Management Company Recommendation

We can evaluate the current Management Company's performance, and if a change is needed, we can recommend high-quality options and assist with the new hotel management agreement. 

Property Improvement Plan (PIP)/Renovation Oversight

Most hotel transactions come with a PIP, and Peck Hotel Consulting can oversee the entire PIP/renovation, including budget development, brand interface & negotiation, and leading the team to complete the work. 

Ongoing Asset Management

We offer a full suite of Asset Management services. Please see our Asset Management tab for a complete listing.