Asset Management

Asset Management

With a Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM) on the Peck team, owners use us to review current property level performance in comparison to “best-in-class” metrics. We can calculate the value of any gaps in current operating performance and make “implementation-ready” plan adjustments to achieve full economic potential.

Strategic Planning

Should you consider selling, upgrading, changing brands, or changing management companies? We can help you think through these and other strategic decisions. 

Property Improvement Plan (PIP) Oversight

Peck Hotel Consulting can work with the brand to steer limited resources into the areas that will generate the most value and return on your capital spend. 

Brand Recommendation

Major hotel brands have system costs and relative RePar performance. We can help you select or change to the best option for your location and market. In certain high-demand markets, an independent hotel could be your best option. 

Management Company Selection and Oversight

Management company selection will impact your NOI more than any other decision. We can help you select the best option for your property while monitoring and influencing their performance. 

Business Planning

We can work with your management company to ensure the annual business plan and CapEx plan target key opportunities, as well as reduce potential competitive risks.

Key Hire Approval

Aside from management company selection, the most significant impact on your NOI and/or EBITDA will be the selection of the general manager and other key hires. Peck Hotel Consulting has talent selection tools that can help ensure the right candidate is approved. 

Owner Reporting

We can coordinate with the management company to ensure timely and accurate monthly/annual reporting for your hotel(s).