Our Consulting Services can be broken down into four categories

Global Development Services


Market Evaluation & Site Selection

We have an iterative process using data, a network of industry contacts and “boots-on-the-ground” interviews to assist you in selecting/evaluating your potential hotel site.


Programming can include: recommendations for number of rooms, suites, room mix, size of meeting/banquet space, parking, back of the house requirements and supporting amenities.

Brand/Franchise Selection and Negotiation

Our guidance through the evaluation of your brand/franchise options can make a difference in your returns. The brands each have national rev pars, development costs and franchise fees. Selecting the available brand that will have the highest rev par relative to cost is crucial in maximizing your project return.

Assembling the Full Development Team

We can recommend hotel-specific architects, designers, general contractors and procurement companies with proven track records.

Income/Cost Pro Forma

We can quickly produce a 5-year income Pro Forma and/or facilitate “first blush” cost estimates. Our point of differentiation is the depth of operating knowledge relative to most who do this work. We understand what is behind the numbers!

Hotel Management Company Selection and Negotiation

The decision that will most impact your NOI is the selection of the management company and, more specifically, who you approve to be your General Manager. We have selection tools that can maximize your chances of success.

Owner Representation

For select owners, we will provide full oversight responsibilities from predevelopment thru operation.

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